Software Consultancy Services

  • System infrastructure and software solution consultancy
  • Web and mobile application consultancy
  • Production follow-up with barcode and productivity consultancy
  • Software test consultancy
  • Consultancy on data transfer and integration from existing systems
  • CAD and CAM systems consultancy


ERP Project Management Services

Collection, security, innovation and integration of knowledge are vital points for growing companies. Besides, the quality of the service and the software program you are using are key components for an ERP Project’s success. Extreme Business Solutions is providing consultancy services in Textile and Ready-Made Garment industries for over 30 years. Well-supported with knowledge and experience, Extreme is always beside you and chasing new technologies with its expert team.

Successful implementation and management of an ERP Project is related not just with the quality of the software itself, but the quality and sustainability of the service too.

For a successful ERP Project, we use these methods respectively; analysis, planning, implementation, education and support.



Firstly, we analyze your business’ work process’ in all details and specify your special needs.



Then, we plan the resources and process’ with the help of our analysis team’s findings.

  • Project Management and Product Development
  • Project Time and Cost
  • Project Quality Management



On this level, we optimize and customize the system in the direction we determined. By adapting the business rules, we optimize the software for your best interest. So that, users interact with the software where they should interact.

  • Transfer of legacy system data
  • Integration
  • Parameter definitions
  • Tables, reports, forms and template designs
  • System tests
  • Transition to live application



With our expert team, we provide training to every user on their own subject.

  • Management personnel training
  • Department based personnel training
  • System managers training



After adapting the Project to your company, Extreme support team helps you with new version releases and installations, adding needs from regulation changes, education for new users and answering your all needs.