More than software, a partner, working for your success

With Extreme Business Solutions, you can easily find the right solutions for every aspect of your business. We build flexible, extendable, complete industrial solutions that puts the user experience first, and integrates easily with your existing systems. Today many organizations worldwide trust Extreme Business Soluions to help overcome difficulties of market conditions.

Our Values

Our fundamental values describe our beliefs, lead our decisions, and drive our actions and they are the power that gets together us all over the world. Our values are observe, heard, and felt every day in our systems, our methods, our service, and our actions to clients.

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    Better together

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    Always work for better

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    Customers come first

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    Imagine, create, deliver

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    Do what we say

Priciples that guide us to approach that
enabling sustainable innovations in enterprises.


Industry specialization

Industry specific capabilities you need are built in, not added on.

“One size fits all” doesn’t align with how your business works. So, we build application to meet the unique requirements, and workflows of each vertical that we serve. Our approach enables quick, simple installations and protects you from the long-term hassle of never ending modifications.


Beautiful design

Better UI makes your people more productive.

Extreme Business Solutions products are designed by considering the end user first, to help people more productive and feel more connected to their work. Human-centered design philosophy is not just a stylish package, it starts from engineering stage.


Data science

Predictive analytics help you detect and solve problems.

The contemporary business solution doesn’t just collect and distribute data, it predicts problems and react with solutions. Extreme Business Solutions’ data science team just works for you turn data into a competitive advantage. The team works with product managers, developers, and software designers to identify challenges and solves them with state of art technologies.


Architecture of the Internet

Flexible integration architecture connects all your systems.

Closed, packaged systems don’t as flexible as you need to overcome the realities of today’s connected world. That’s why our software is built on open standards and designed to integrate with as many kinds of systems as possible. Extreme Business Solutions’ products are designed to meet your unique technological needs without breaking, affording you access to more information, from more sources, in real-time.


Network of networks

Global visibility across your value chain empowers multi-enterprise collaboration.

When the process and information required to run your entire supply chain are inefficient, something can block you from staying competitive and reaching your goals. With the help of multi-enterprise collaboration tools to automate transactions, you can drive new levels of operational efficiency and business agility.